Lavender Bay

Covering an area of just 0.2 km² North of Sydney’s CBD, Lavender Bay resides between McMahons Point and Milsons Point. Including renowned residents, such as John Firth-Smith, Norman Lindsay and Sir Donald Bradman – one of the first Australians to receive a private phone number – the suburb has played an important part in hosting national icons.

Despite the lack of ferry access to the area, the public wharf located along the bay allows for private verssels to access the area. For those looking to head into the city, bus and train services are available at Milsons Point or North Sydney.

With Lavender Bay’s first railway station appearing in 1915, the area opened as a replacement for Milsons Point, which was moved 300 metres north. Only lasting several weeks, passengers refused the new route and demanded to be given access to the sop at Milsons Point. As the Harbour Bridge construction headed into its peak periods, Lavender Bay Station was the most used terminus in the North Shore. This destination is now used as a railway storage site.

Before the implementation of today’s swimming pools in apartment buildings, the Lavender Bay Baths, built in 1910, provided a popular location for swimmers. Now, residents and visitors also enjoy the green of surrounding reserves in Lavender Bay Parklands and foreshore area—these destinations are located just a short walking distance from the North Sydney central business district.

As well as including significant historical features – such as the spectacular harbour views, and the mature gardens and its trees – Lavender Bay’s Parklands also provides direct access to the Sydney Harbour. This waterfront strip acts as both a pedestrian and cycling route between Quibaree Park and the buzzing Luna Park. With stunning gardens filled with sculptures and Art Barton Park, this area boasts stunning views of the harbour, CBD and Luna Park.

Previously home to the Quibaree Clan, as part of the Kuring-gai Tribe, during the European Settlement, Lavender Bay was once known as Hulk Bay (but also took on the names of Quibaree Bay and Pheonix Bay). Finally, Lavender Bay was given its final title as a tribute to the Boatswain, George Lavender.
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